First blog post

always enter alt text

The title was an H1 tag, so use H2 here.

this is blockquote

don’t change text color here. it is in the style sheet

This is subhead 2

here’s my next paragraph Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur scelerisque auctor risus. Nunc efficitur eu tortor eu sodales. Phasellus non nisl lacus. Integer rutrum a ante at aliquam. Donec quam lacus, porta ut nisl in, viverra tincidunt velit. Aliquam ultrices sapien orci, id semper nisl tincidunt non. Sed eleifend tincidunt consequat. Curabitur ac euismod ligula, quis sollicitudin orci. Vivamus id porta risus. In blandit massa non eros consectetur feugiat.

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